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How to Choose Security Windows

Security windows can be a great addition to many properties and there’s a number of reasons you may be consideingr installing security windows in your home. Safety is the most obvious, but there’s a reason their called ‘security’ windows. The screens add a layer of protection to your windows, which are otherwise one of the weakest security points in a home, and can even dissuade break in attempts simply because they make your home seem like a difficult target.

Of course for those in bushland regions, Bushfires become a secondary reason to consider security windows. At Clearshield we offer screens up to BAL-40 rating which can protect against ember attack, winborne debris and withstand the radiant heat. 

Of course, for many Australians, there’s the added benefit of bug control in summer, with the ability to have airflow into the house without inviting swarms of flies being a game changer for the hotter days of the year.

But how do you choose the security windows that are right for you? Well, it’s easier than you might imagine, as really most of your choices are going to come down to personal preference but here’s a few things to keep in mind to ensure you find the perfect fit.


The first thing to consider is size. The size of your window determines a few things from the types of windows you can have installed but also how many you’ll need. 

Standard/Escape-style windows are the go-to choice, simply covering the window with the screen but with the ability to open in case of emergency. Usually installed with joining frames laid directly on top of the existing windows so the design of your current windows isn’t ruined. 

These windows are made from perforated stainless steel which ensure their durability with Clearshield signature being 10 times stronger than the Repetitive Impact Australian Standard and 20 times stronger than Knife Attack Australian Standard, its also rated against bushfire, making it the best choice if security is your main concern.

This would also be the option to go with if your after safety in case of Bushfires, with the same screening available for doors patios and the like to give your whole house the best protection in an emergency.

But there are other options, if bug control is your major concern you might want to consider flyscreen options. Invisible retractable screens can be pulled back so they’re completely out of the way, giving you the ability to switch between the benefits of the flyscreen while also enjoying the unobstructed views that a lack of screen can provide. There are similar benefits to Pleated Retractable Screens but they have a different look when expanded if you’re not into how the invisible screens look.


Speaking of looks, choosing security windows isn’t only about utility. At Clearshield, we care about getting the perfect product for every person, which is why we offer an expansive range of colours,black and grey are the most common choices, but there’s also a variety of white, cream and brown options to better suit different exteriors.

Darker screens tend to be preferred because they allow for the contrast of windows against lighter homes to still add interest to the house, whereas lighter screens can make the window and wall appear to merge into each other making 1 solid wall. Darker screens can appear as though the windows are simply tinted from a distance. Of course, the colour of your house as well as any awnings, gutters and roofing will change this overall effect. 

It’s also worth considering the doors in your home, if you have preexisting security doors it might be worth trying to match your windows for a sense of cohesiveness. Keeping screens consistent can make them look more at home once installed.

This is especially the case with homes with large sliding windows or back patios or verandas with screens enclosing them. This is just because of how much space they take up, having different screens on the rest of the windows can make the larger screens look tacked on.

What Now?

Ultimately this is all about what you like, and what you think will work best for you and your family don’t forget that any concerns or questions you have can be discussed onsite as part of the quotation process.

That quotation is the start of the process, its a chance to talk through all your options now you have a rough idea of what you are after, it’s also an opportunity to get a professionals opinion on what would be the most suitable for your project if you’re still unsure of what exactly you’re after. 

If you want to see some examples before making any calls our product gallery is a great resource to give you a better idea of what different screens look like once installed.

Renovation of any kind always runs the chance of being overwhelming, and if you’re installing screens on every window in your home at once it can be a big change but it can also be a very exciting process and here at Clearshield we’re here with you every step of the way. 

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