Multiple Frame Colour Available @ Reasonable Price

Fixed Flyscreen Windows
100% Hand Made to Measure
Hinged · French Flyscreen Doors
100% Hand Made to Measure
Sliding · Stacking Flyscreen Doors
100% Hand Made to Measure

Standard Fiberglass Mesh

Aliminium / Stainless Steel Mesh

Pet Friendly Tough Mesh

Quality Flyscreen Windows & Doors Victorian Range

ClearShield protects your property and loved ones with one of the best quality flyscreen providers in Melbourne. Flyscreen doors are cost effective and practical solutions against all kinds of insects while allowing natural air circulation with open door.

Insects Free

Flies, mosquitoes and bugs are known to carry infectious diseases with huge possibility in infecting vulnerable children and elderly. Common flies in Victoria, including house flies, blowflies and fruit flies, not only carry viruses and bacteria to food but might also lay larvae to exposed wounds.

Commercial properties are also highly vulnerable to the impact of insects. Insects poise great negative impact to food safety and the perception offered to the customers. Other than the food & beverage industry, shops selling goods with smell, including flower shop or scent candles shops, are also huge attractive factor to insects that the buzz would distract the shopping experience of the customers.

Flyscreens from Clearshield Victoria are all customised to the size of your doors and windows at our manufacturing facility in the state. The frames of our flyscreens are available in timber, aluminium, steel and UPVC to suit the existing frame of yours.

Clearshield Victoria offers Standard Fibreglass Reinforced Mesh, Aluminium Mesh and Pet Friendly Tough Mesh to suit different conditions. Other than fixed flyscreen windows, we also offer hinged or French flyscreen doors, retractable flyscreens and sliding and stacking flyscreen doors to suit your property.

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