Hinged Security Doors

For long, hinged doors have been favoured by users of domestic and commercial properties –ClearShield can meet all hinged security doors requirements of our Melbourne clients!

A hinged door swings open and shut using a hinge – a joint which allows for movement of the door. The hinge gets attached to the wall and allows the door to swing in any direction it is built for.

Hinged doors are extremely popular at property entrances – domestic as well as commercial. Most commercial properties get hinged doors to open in both directions – to allow easy movement of traffic in and out of the property the hinged door is installed in. In domestic settings including homes and apartments, most hinged doors move in a single direction, either inwards or outwards. This allows domestic users to use the space behind the door where it cannot open so the space can be better utilized.

Due to their familiarity and age-old usage, ClearShield gets numerous orders for hinged security doors from our clients spread across Melbourne. We have the expertise and the experience to build sturdy, elegant, and long lasting hinged security doors that provide premium quality security in both domestic as well as commercial settings.

If you are planning to build a property in Melbourne, make sure you place your order for hinged security doors with us at ClearShield. You can rely on us to provide top quality consistently because we have well defined processes to design and manufacture our products. We use the latest machinery and tools and our workers are trained professionals.

We can build hinged doors to fit Timber , Aluminium and UPVC entry doors , Whichever material you have,  we will carefully establish its measurements so that the doors remain light weighted and strong enough to meet security requirements. We will also design the hinged security doors to last longer so you can get good value for your money.

Hinged security doors can be used as patio doors as well. They will enhance the aesthetic qualities of your backyard all the while ensuring your safety and security of your property from any possible intrusions from the backside of the home. Our hinged security doors are equipped with high performing locking and latch systems – making sure the doors are secured firmly in place when closed. The hinges are installed in a professional manner, all screws securely tightened to keep the hinge in place during daily usage.

We can provide hinged security doors in many designs and colours so they mesh well with the décor and style of the building you are constructing. If you want to place your order with a reliable and trustworthy provider of hinged security doors then all you need to do is pick up your phone and give us a call at ClearShield!