roller blinds

Roll them up when you need air and light, roll them down when you do not – it is as simple as that! Welcome to ClearShield, your destination for getting convenient access to all kinds of window coverings that enhance the value of your properties.


Normally you would come across horizontal or vertical blinds – blinds that have slats in a vertical or horizontal direction. These slats are pivoted to allow light and heat to enter rooms. Roller blinds however do not contain slats – they are a single panel that rolls upwards when you want the blind open and rolls downwards when you want the blind closed. This operation is normally carried out using a chain which you can pull in two directions – using each direction to take the blind up or down.

When you want to create a look of elegance and style using minimal design requirements then roller blinds are your answer. Whether you are an architect in Melbourne or a building constructor, we can provide you top quality roller blinds that will enhance the beauty and appeal of the rooms you are about to construct!


Roller blinds are perfect for windows that hold mesmerizing and awe inspiring views because roller blinds, when open, give a completely unobstructed view which no other blind style or curtain can give. When they are rolled up, they get completely hidden, giving the residents an absolutely clear view of the outdoors.

This ability to completely get out of the way allows users to get maximum intake of sun’s heat during the cold winters. In summers the blinds can simply be rolled down to completely cover up the windows and prevent the heat from sneaking inside the rooms.

Roller blinds create a sense of completeness by providing consistency of design, colour, and pattern throughout their surface. They look great as solid additions to rooms and can mesh well with the room furniture and room décor. Overall, roller blinds have the ability to create a wholesome feel inside the rooms they are installed in.

If you want extra protection from heat and light, and an added layer for privacy, we can add fabric to the backside of your blinds to create a blackout impact. Hospitals, rehab centres, gyms, spa treatment centres, and similar businesses can benefit from having roller blinds with blackout fabric so they can offer maximum privacy to their clients. If you are about to design, renovate and/or build one, let ClearShield provide you top quality roller blinds that are sure to add great functionality with an aesthetic appeal.

Roller blinds look great in all kinds and styles of homes – contemporary and traditional. They work well in commercial settings as well and can give a professional and business-like look and feel. They are also helpful for internal as well as external usage.

Whatever your requirements may be, ClearShield holds the expertise to meet those requirements with precision and finesse. So give us a call today!