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ClearShield Pleated Retractable Fly Screens

Want to let the fresh air in but worried about bugs as well? Worry not because ClearShield has the most effective solution to your troubles! Get quality retractable fly screens that help in making your properties more liveable without annoying insects.

Summer and winter in Melbourne are great for letting some fine breeze inside the rooms. And natural airflow and ventilation revitalises the interior with fresh air. However, the risk of letting in insects and the disease that they carry are also present if the openings are not protected, particularly in the summer. Not only are they horribly annoying, but they can also lead to serious illness for those with a lack of immunity. Our retractable fly screens offer insect protection in the summer while can be stowed for an unobstructed view in winter days.

Flyscreens are the most effective solution in preventing insects into your house. Our retractable fly screens block out all insects in the summer. Yet, when retracted, you can enjoy the gorgeous environment unobstructed in the winter. Get an insect screen to protect your loved ones.

Clearshield aims to benefit both residential and commercial properties in Melbourne and Victoria against all the associated problems of insects. We customise our fly screens according to individual needs while ensuring the fit and minimal aesthetic impact to your property. If you are looking to protect larger openings, the pleated flyscreen can be an option for you as well. For extra security needs, check out our security screen solutions.