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The excellence of Clearshield security solution


One of the strongest security screen doors in the world

First introduced in the 1990s, Clearshield is an Australian security screen solution designed to surpass the relevant Australian Standard. Made from a single piece of stainless steel, the innovative solution is unique in the security screen industry.

The Koutsoukos brothers from Perth invented the concept of a stainless steel perforation sheet in making security screens. From an initial idea, the concept grew into a competitive product in the industry with multiple advantages over the traditional solutions.

The performance differences of Clearshield

The crucial point of differentiation in Clearshield is its structure. The stainless steel sheet extends to all sides of the security doors and window screens. Using premier imported stainless steel sheets from Denmark, the protection from Clearshield is unrivalled by other security screens.

Clearshield is able to withstand over 60 knife shears from burglars, which is 20 times higher than the required 3 times in Australian Standard. Our solution is also able to withstand 50 repetitive impacts according to the test method in the Australian Standard, 10 times more than the required 5.

In order to test our products to the extreme, we have placed Clearshield under extreme repetitive impacts. Fighting against 500 joule impacts (rather than the required 100J), our security screen withstood 15 times of the stronger impact without the screen being torn from the frame.

The innovative and advance security screen solution of Clearshield has won the Koutsoukos brothers Australian and International patent, two consecutive Good Design Awards in 2013, 2014 and an Australian Business Award (ABA 100) winner in product innovation in 2015.

Clearshield is also very versatile in a wide range of applications, including security doors, security screens, bushfire screens and balustrade screens. Emergency exit variants can also be made for escape in an unlikely case of emergency.

Benefits outside of security

Other than the amazing security performance, the one-piece stainless steel solution has additional advantages that made Clearshield so popular among our customers.

One of such are the appearance of Clearshield. Our stainless steel sheet is painted in black for minimal visual disturbance. In the meantime, the perforation holes are specifically laid out to provide see-through visibility and structure integrity at the same time. With our dedication to install timber, aluminium, steel or UPVC frame according to the design of your home, Clearshield is almost unnoticed in most cases.

And the reduced light pass-through with our screens help to reduce energy cost for a greener environment. Clearshield reduces 86% of solar heat and 71% of UV entering the interior to lower radiant heat in the house and the associated temperature.

Designed specifically for Australia, Clearshield is made to withstand bushfire. In fact, our products are BAL-40 (Bushfire Attack Level 40) rated to resist the second highest level of bushfire in the Australian Standard.

Protecting other than burglars, Clearshield also acts as fly screen to block insects from entering your house. The barrier to insects and the associated diseases helps to keep your family safe.

Adding to the friendly nature of Clearshield, our product can be cleaned easily with wipes of wet cloth. Without tiny gaps, our security solution do not accumulate dust or dirt for minimal maintenance.

Clearshield and Clearshield Victoria

Partnering with the Koutsoukos brothers, Clearshield Victoria manufactures and distributes the Western Australia security solution in Victoria. With our own facility in the state, we offer prompt and warming customer service to fellow Victorians.

Other than security solutions, Clearshield Victoria also offers blinds and fly screens Melbourne and Victoria wide.

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