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What is the difference of Clearshield?


The Difference of Clearshield Security Doors

There are many security doors in the market nowadays. While it is essential for all security products in Australia to meet relevant standards, not all doors are equal. And security doors are often a part of the house design. Therefore, quality doors not only protect your home, but also upscale the look of your property.

As a security screen door solution, Clearshield is an Australian innovation designed to surpass requirements of AS5039-2008 on security doors. And we are proud to say that our products excel in all the tests. For instance, our doors can withstand 60 knife shears, 20 times more than the requirement. Our doors also passed with 50 impacts, above the 5 times required.

The amazing result is possible because of the unique structure of Clearshield. We made our doors from a one-piece stainless steel sheet. Unlike woven wire screens, the single panel takes advantage of the metallic bond in the stainless steel for exceptional strength. We strategically punch out the perforations on the sheet in order to maintain its rigidity. The holes allow the beauty of your front door to shine through. Also, it allows natural air circulation with opened door.

Added benefits of Clearshield

Because of the structure, Clearshield products are friendly for your daily life. Firstly, Clearshield security doors are much easier to clean. Without the tiny gaps of woven screens, dust cannot accumulate on the door over time. The lack of roughness also helps to clean our doors with just a single wipe.

Secondly, rusting is not a concern with our premium Denmark made stainless steel sheet. Not only that the door will not affect the aesthetic of your house, but the security will also be maintained without the rust.

Thirdly, the doors can block insects from outside while controlling temperature of the house. Because of the perforation, you can open your door for fresh air but keeping thief and annoying flies away. The holes also limit light into the house. It helps with shading of the house, especially in the summertime. Clearshield can reduce 86% of solar heat and 71% of UV.


Customised for your home

Clearshield Victoria has our own facility in the state. And we customise and test our products in house before delivering to our customers. So this allows us to maintain great control on the quality of our security doors. It also allows us to made every product to order.

As a result, Clearshield Victoria is proud to offer fully individualised frames for all our Clearshield products. No matter if you are looking for UPVC, timber, aluminium or steel frames, we can make the security doors and security screens to the size and frame of your doors and windows.

Our ability to build-to-order also allow us to offer security screens for unique scenarios. We can tailor-made large security screens for bigger needs, such as security enclosures, pool fencing and balustrade fencing. If you have unique security needs, we can made specifically for you.

Extra protection

Apart from preventing break-ins, Clearshield security doors are fire-proof as well. Our security screens are rated to be BAL 40 against bush fire under AS3959. This allows more time to escape in the event of a fire. We also provide emergency exit window screens with easy to open latches for faster escape in unfortunate events.

In the end, Clearshield is more than just a security solution for your home. We carefully create and build our products for a wide benefit to your home. Contact us today for a free quote on Clearshield security doors.


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