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Why do you need fly screens in Melbourne?

Are you annoyed by flies?

Protect your family with fly screens

It is a habit for us in Melbourne to be annoyed by flies in the summer. Although we do not care much, flies are not good for public health. And flies in house is a concern to the health for those inside as well. Because of the disease that flies carry, blocking flies from entering your home is crucial.

While there are various methods in controlling the number of flies, most of them are not as effective as fly screens. As a physical barrier, fly screens use a mesh to block insects from entering through open windows and doors. In the meantime, the mesh allows you to enjoy the fresh summer air.

Installing fly screens for your windows and doors is easy with Clearshield. We offer free quotes for all our customers. You can choose the material for the frame, such as timber, aluminium and steel, to match your existing design. We also stock standard fibreglass mesh, metal mesh and pet friendly tough mesh for your use case. We manufacture all our products at our Victoria facility after we have the measurements. And soon you will have your fly screens installed at your property.

Protect your family

Advantages of fly screens

Rather than benefits, the protection from fly screen is crucial to the overall health of your family and loved ones. Insects and pests are a major transmission method of common diseases. Although it is less likely to affect adults, children and elderly are more perceivable to the bacteria and virus.

The World Health Organisation and the Victorian Government have both written on the common issues of flies to public health. In short, flies feed on waste and left overs while they grow in dirty areas. Then they carry the disease from their living area to the food that you consume.

While most other flies control measures takes time, fly screens are one of the fastest solutions for insect problems. With a mesh to physically block out insects from windows and doors, fly screens stop insects from entering the house. In the meantime, it still allow natural air and light into the interior.

Controlling the number of flies

Although fly screens are effective, it is not a complete solution. Keeping the environment clean is important to limit the reproduction of flies. Regular house cleaning is needed, from the inside out. Ensuring the seal of rubbish bag and the hygiene of the trash can also helps.

If flies continues to be a prolonged problem, methods like pesticides and fly traps, can be used to lower the number of flies in the area. Other than your place, the neighbourhood need to be kept clean for the common good.

clean the leftovers

Getting fly screens installed in Melbourne

Clearshield Victoria provides a one-stop solution of fly screens to Melbourne properties. Whether for residential or commercial properties, we have a solution for you, for example, fly screen doors, hinged fly screens and automated options.

If you are looking a best of both world solution with insect protection and security, our signature Clearshield security doors and security screens are great options as well. As a one-piece stainless steel solution, our doors are strong but with all the features you expect from fly screens.

Contact us today for a free quote. Clearshield Victoria has served Melbourne and Victoria since 2002. And we continue to provide quality products to our customers. Learn about our success here.

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