clearshield bushfire screens

  • One of the Strongest Aussie Made Bushfire Screens
  • Australian Design Patent Holder, Multi Good Design Awards Winner
  • Premium One Piece Stainless Steel From Denmark
  • Bal-40 Grade
  • Impact Resist From Burning Timbers & Dusts
  • Easy to Clean, No Color Marks in Life Time
  • 15 Years Color & Quality Warranty
  • Multi Frame Color Choices 
  • Reasonable Price, 5 Star Review Service

All products from Clearshield are bushfire rated. This demonstrates that our screens have been approved for bushfire applications. The screens can resist up to and including the highest FZ level (BAL-40) of requirement under AS3959. ClearShield Emergency Exit Screens is an exceptional bushfire screen to protect the complete window against fire blaze while also offering escape in emergency.

BAL-40 Grade

Products from Clearshield are able to withstand Bushfire Attack Level 40 (BAL-40) for most general applications in protecting doors and windows against wild fire. The protection not only protect your windows, but also offering time to escape. Bushfire screens from Clearshield are made for see-through and minimal to fit any design schemes.

BAL-40 is the second highest bushfire resistance level in Australia’s six tier system. Such rating allows Clearshield products available for almost every household in Australia in protecting against bushfire and burglars. All the safety in the world as an affordable and non-destructive addition to your property.

ClearShield Bushfire Shutters

Bushfire Shutters from Clearshield are also compliant to BAL-40 and AS3959. Comparing to traditional roll-down shutters, this addition to the Clearshield line stands out as a more affordable and aesthetically pleasing alternative.

On the other hand, Clearshield also offers fire attenuation screens as an alternative to drenching systems. Our fire screens also boast all security features of Clearshield products.

For your bushfire resistance need, Clearshield’s bushfire range is the economical yet minimalist solution that everyone looks for.