Standard Screen Door Range

Insect free, cost efficient, and beautifully stylish, the Clearshield screen door range is perfect for Melbourne homes, both in design and style. Each screen door has been made to ensure that you get the most light without having to deal with unwanted pests entering your home.

Standard Sliding Flyscreen Doors

Standard Sliding Flyscreen Doors

Standard Flyscreen Doors

Standard Hinged Flyscreen Doors

Flyscreen Door Mesh Options

Want something a little more lightweight that will allow the air in whilst still leaving you protected from insects and other unwanted visitors? Then a mesh screen door is the perfect solution. The mesh screen door is a classic of Australian homes for a reason, and no matter your needs, a Clearshield-installed mesh door is going to provide protection and functionality.

Standard Fiberglass Mesh

Standard Fiberglass Mesh

Thin Metal Mesh(alu/stainless Steel)

Thin Metal Mesh(Alu/Stainless Steel)

Invisible Grey Mesh

Invisible Grey Mesh

Pet Friendly Mesh

Pet Friendly Mesh

 Functional Screen Door Range

Sometimes, what you want out of a screen door is that little extra protection and privacy, and that’s where the functional screen door range really shines. Coming in a range of beautiful designs, such as the diamond grille and privacy screen door options, Clearshield’s functional privacy screen range is a great way to keep more than just pests out of your property.

Safety, Privacy Screen Doors

Restricted vision / Privacy screen doors

Diamond Grille Screen Doors

Diamond grille screen doors

Colonial Casting Screen Doors

Colonial casting screen doors

Mesh Door Materials and Varieties

Depending on your needs, a flyscreen door in Melbourne may come in a wide array of different styles and materials. From the standard fiberglass and invisible grey options primarily used for flyscreens, to the more durable restricted vision mesh and our signature stainless steel screen door meshes, you have a wealth of options to choose from.

Standard Fiberglass Mesh

Standard Fiberglass Mesh

Thin Metal Mesh(alu/stainless Steel)

Thin Metal Mesh(Alu/Stainless Steel)

Invisible Grey Mesh

Invisible Grey Mesh

Pet Friendly Mesh

Pet Friendly Mesh

Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet

Clearshield Signature stainless steel sheet

Restricted Vision Thin Mesh

Restricted vision thin mesh

Restricted Vision Thick Mesh

Restricted vision thick mesh

Tough Stainless Steel Mesh

Tough stainless steel mesh

Getting confused? No worries, we will help you on-site.

During the free official quoting session, we will review your requests and help you determine style, budget, sizing, materials, colour options, fixing method etc. We will not stop until you are 100% happy with what you are getting. 

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It goes without saying that in the hot Melbourne summer, you will want to ventilate your home and let in the fresh air. Unfortunately, this period is also the prime season for the growth of the insect population who love to enter your property at any opportunity. This year, keep them at bay by protecting your home with a sliding flyscreen door.

For Top Melbourne Flyscreens and Doors, Choose ClearShield!

Made with a single sheet of stainless steel with tiny, rounded holes, our screens provide fantastic protection whilst remaining a stylish, almost invisible addition to your property. Our screens are a cost-effective preventative layer that gives you the flexibility to enter and exit your property with ease. Whilst we offer a range of products here at ClearShield, a sliding screen is a highly popular solution as they are easy to move, unobtrusive and don’t require much space.

Why Choose ClearShield For Sliding Flyscreen Doors?

When it comes to flyscreen doors, few can compare to us here at ClearShield. With over 20 years in the industry, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with an amazing solution that optimises your comfort levels whilst at home. Benefits of choosing our services include: Read More

  • Strong, durable and low maintenance screens
  • Innovative products that are the best in the industry
  • Stylish screens that don’t ruin the aesthetic of your home
  • Flexibility to create packages that suit you
  • Free quotes that are personalised to your exact requirements
  • Ongoing customer service

We Provide You with Award-Winning Products and Service

Here at ClearShield, we focus on providing you with a Melbourne flyscreen doors service that caters to your exact requirements. At your onsite consultation, we take some time to discuss your requirements and take measurements of your property before explaining the various solutions that we can provide. During this time, we will recommend specific products whilst remaining objective, ensuring that the choice is ultimately yours.

Once you are completely happy with the solution, we will process your order. Our design, manufacturing and installation are completed in-house, so you are guaranteed a personal experience and regular communication. Once your screen has been fully installed, we go through the functional aspects to ensure that you understand how to use it to its fullest potential. Our service remains ongoing, and our team are on hand to assist with any additional queries that you may have.

Australia’s hot and largely dry summers are great for getting outdoors and, by leaving doors and windows open, allow the outside in and cool breezes to circulate the air. Unfortunately, the hot summers also lead to a growth in the insect population and they’re more than happy to enter your property through any opening.

The solution to this annoying problem is to fit fly screen doors Melbourne insects can not penetrate. However, you need to choose the right type of screens, make sure they’re the best quality and have them fitted professionally to ensure you gain maximum benefits.

Fitting Fly Screen Doors in Melbourne

Fly screen doors in Melbourne can be fitted to all types of doors and each presents different challenges. Apart from standard hinged doors that are common throughout properties, there are also French-style patio doors, bi-fold, pivot and stacking doors that need space to be opened and sliding doors that often cover very wide openings.

To allow for this, several types of fly screens are available. While fixed screens may be suitable for upstairs windows where access is not required, more flexible options are needed for doors where people have to pass through. In these cases, magnetic curtain screens allow access but are flimsy while hinged screens require space to open.

Sliding Fly Screen Doors Melbourne Homeowners Trust

One of the best options, especially on wide openings allowing access to outside areas, are sliding fly screen doors in Melbourne. These may comprise multiple panels that slide across each other so they’re unobtrusive and take up little apace when open.

When buying sliding fly screen doors Melbourne homeowners recommend, prices tend to reflect the quality of the product. Paying a price that’s much cheaper than all the rest should be taken as a warning of poor quality, flimsy products that are likely to be badly installed and won’t operate effectively or for very long. In these cases, the mesh may be polypropylene or fibreglass while the frame could be plastic.

>Quality Flyscreen Doors Victoria

Clearshield protects your property and loved ones with one of the best quality flyscreen providers in Melbourne. Flyscreen doors are cost effective and practical solutions against all kinds of insects while allowing natural air circulation with open door.

Flies, mosquitoes and bugs are known to carry infectious diseases with huge possibility in infecting vulnerable children and elderly. Common flies in Victoria, including house flies, blowflies and fruit flies, not only carry viruses and bacteria to food but might also lay larvae to exposed wounds.

Commercial properties are also highly vulnerable to the impact of insects. Insects poise great negative impact to food safety and the perception offered to the customers. Other than the food & beverage industry, shops selling goods with smell, including flower shop or scent candles shops, are also huge attractive factor to insects that the buzz would distract the shopping experience of the customers.

Fly Screen Doors in Melbourne at Prices You Can Afford

At Clear Shield, our aluminium fly screen doors from Melbourne are made from the finest grade of aluminium and are powder coated in a choice of colours to suit your décor. The mesh is top quality perforated stainless steel that keeps out insects while letting in light and air. By choosing our products, you gain a wide range of benefits:

  • elimination of flying insects in the property and less use of fly spray and other deterrents
  • reduction in the risk of disease from mosquitoes and other pests
  • greater security against intruders due to the durability and resilience of the stainless steel mesh
  • protection against flying debris, even in storm conditions
  • good fire resistance through the use of aluminium and stainless steel
  • no blockage of light and fresh air coming into the property
  • increased comfort due to cooling breezes
  • less use of air conditioning and reduced power costs as a result
  • uninterrupted views through windows and doors.

We specialise in all security door and window covering products including:

Get A Quote Today For Melbourne Flyscreens and Doors

By choosing and installing our fly screen doors in Melbourne at prices you can afford, you’re assured of the best and most effective screens you can get. They’re custom-made to fit your doors and windows exactly, are the highest quality and will keep your property free of pests while they’re closed. Read Less