Flyscreens for Melbourne from Clearshield Victoria

ClearShield Victoria provides minimalist and affordable fly screens for all properties within Melbourne and across Victoria to protect your family and friends against the annoyance and potential health issues from insects while you can still enjoy fresh air and circulation.

Choose among the wide range of fly screen options, for doors and windows, available from Clearshield customised to suit different designs and sizes. Keep insects away while maintaining the aesthetics of your interior design.

Which fly screen option suits you best?

Popular options such as the fixed, sliding or hinged fly screens offer affordable yet unobtrusive insect defence from open windows and doors. With our manufacturing facilities in Victoria, our fly screen can be made with timber, aluminium, steel or other materials to suit the existing window or door frame. Standard fibreglass, aluminium and pet friendly tough mesh are also available depending on your preference. The hinged variant can also be made to be removable as well.

For larger use cases like exterior enclosures, consider the retractable fly screens and pleated screens with fully open air in the winter while blocking insects in hotter times.

Protect your loved ones

Though being categorised as fly screen, insects in general are a health risk especially to children and elderly. House fly and buzz flies are common in Australia to infect food and wound with the bacteria they carry. Fly screens act as an effective physical barrier against insects in entering the interior of the property. While other insect-containment measures take place, fly screens are the option to protect your family immediately.

If additional security need is required on top of insect protection, our security screen offer the best of both worlds.