Clearshield Invzble Retractable Flyscreens

Enjoy the see nothing Experience

  • Available for Timber/Metal/UPVC double glazing windows & doors
  • Special brake system allows it to stop in any position
  • Durable ‘Invisible’ polyethylene mesh
  • Magnetic closing system, no more ugly bug strip
  • Available in woodgrain finish colour matching timber windows & doors
  • We design, supply, and install

Window Solutions

Designed for apartment & house winder/handle windows. Pull down or pull across

Retractable Flyscreens Sliding Door 13
Retractable Flyscreens Door 6
Retractable Flyscreens Sliding Window 22
Retractable Flyscreens Sliding Window 16
Retractable Flyscreens Sliding Window 24

Door Solutions

Designed for apartment & house hinged or sliding screen doors. Pull across

Retractable Flyscreens Sliding Door 12
Designed for Apartment & House Hinged or Sliding Screen Doors
Retractable Flyscreens Sliding Door 23
Retractable Flyscreens Door 3
Retractable Flyscreens Door 5
Retractable Flyscreens Door 1
Retractable Flyscreens Door 2
Retractable Flyscreens Door 1
Retractable Flyscreens Sliding Door 10
Retractable Flyscreens Sliding Door 9
Retractable Flyscreens Sliding Door 20
Retractable Flyscreens Sliding Door 21
Clearshield Extreme Invzble Retractable Screens in Melbourne

Strong but invzble

  • Available for Timber/Metal/UPVC double glazing windows & doors
  • Special brake system allows it to stop in designated points
  • Premium pet friendly mesh, holds up to 50KG sudden impact
  • Heavy duty Aluminium frame
  • Single goes up to 6.5m, powdercoating to all Dulux/Interpond Colours
  • We design, supply, and install

Window & Door Solutions

Designed for apartment & house hinged or sliding screen doors. Pull across

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During the official quoting session, we will review your requests and help you determine style, budget, sizing, materials, colour options, size of louvers, fixing method etc. We will not stop until you are 100% happy with the retractable screen you are getting. 

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Want to let the fresh air in but worried about bugs as well? Worry not, because with our industry-leading retractable flyscreens, ClearShield has the most effective solution to your troubles! Get quality retractable screens that help in making your Melbourne properties more liveable without annoying insects. Summer and winter in Melbourne are great for letting some fine breeze inside the rooms. And natural airflow and ventilation revitalises the interior with fresh air. However, the risk of letting in insects and the disease that they carry are also present if the openings are not protected, particularly in the summer. Not only are they horribly annoying, but they can also lead to serious illness for those with a lack of immunity. Our retractable fly screens are perfectly suited to Melbourne’s climate, offering insect protection in the summer while easily stowed for an unobstructed view in the winter months.

Flyscreens are the most effective solution in preventing insects into your house. Our retractable fly screens block out all insects in the summer. Yet, when retracted, you can enjoy the gorgeous environment unobstructed in the winter. Get an insect screen to protect your loved ones.

Retractable Fly Screen in Melbourne – the Ideal Solution

The answer is to fit retractable fly screens Melbourne homeowners rave about. If you want to prevent the invasion of insects and have something that’s flexible and isn’t too intrusive by being there all the time.

In the summer, when flies and mosquitoes are active, you can have the doors wide open to let in the breeze but have the fly screen closed to prevent pests getting in. However, if you want to allow easy access to the outside space, if you’re holding a barbecue or other outside event for example, you can retract the fly screen, either fully or partially, so people can get in and out easily. During the cooler winter months when flying insects aren’t a problem and doors tend to be shut, retracting the screens will move them out of the way. You can, of course, close them at night or when you’re out for a greater level of security.

Retractable flyscreens are perfect for windows and all types of doors – bi-fold, French, sliding and standard hinged doors among them. And because ours are custom made, they’ll fit any size and shape of opening with no gaps that will let pests through.

We supply various types of retractable fly screens in Melbourne – hinged, sliding, pleated or roller. Whilst pleated may have greater aesthetic value, roller screens are possibly more functional since, when not in use, they roll neatly away into a roller box which is so compact it’s hardly noticeable. Read More

Nothing but the Best Retractable Fly Screen Doors in Melbourne

As well as protecting against flies and other pests, our retractable fly screen doors Melbourne homeowners trust are tough enough to prevent human intruders from entering your premises. So they not only prevent unwanted irritation, but they also provide increased peace of mind.

The high-grade steel mesh combined with slim but sturdy aluminium frames provide a robust barrier that doesn’t obstruct your view from the property. They require little cleaning and maintenance, lasting for many years without any noticeable deterioration. And with powder coating available for the aluminium frames, we can match your current decor and ensure everything looks great.

We design, manufacture and install retractable fly screen doors in Melbourne and use only the finest materials and manufacturing methods. That’s so we have control of every step of the process and can take full responsibility for delivering the highest quality products.

Protect Your Property from Irritating Insects with a ClearShield Invisible Fly Screen!

Do you want to let the fresh air into your house in the summer without being pestered by insects? Then you have come to the right place. With a ClearShield invisible fly screen Melbourne residents can ventilate their homes whilst keeping them free from flies and other annoying insects.

Not only do our screens provide fantastic prevention, but their retractable feature also enables them to be tucked away when needed. Awkwardly large, stiff fly screens are a thing of the past when choosing ClearShield. We give you the flexibility to adjust the level of protection to suit your needs.

Providing Protection Without Compromising the Aesthetic of Your Home

At ClearShield, we understand the need for insect protection without making your home look uninviting. Our retractable invisible fly screen provides the perfect solution. With our retractable flyscreen door, you are able to enter and exit your property easily and efficiently without subjecting the interior to insects. The invisible nature of our products enables your view to remain clear and the aesthetic of your home to be unaffected for the most part.

Our products are made from a single sheet of stainless steel that has tiny holes punched through, creating a clear but strong protective layer. Consequently, they are durable, attractive and the maintenance is low as they are very easy to clean.

We have been in the industry for over 20 years so have the knowledge and experience to understand the qualities of a top fly screen. Striving to offer only the best products on the market whilst providing fantastic customer service; we have won multiple awards including Good Design Awards and an Australian Business Award.

Installing Retractable Flyrscreen Doors For Over 20 Years

Here at ClearShield, we provide a personalised service that caters to your unique requirements. At your initial consultation, we ascertain exactly your wants, needs and budget before making recommendations as to what we suggest would best fit your specifications.

Only when you are completely happy with our retractable screen door design will we process your order. As we provide in-house manufacturing and installation, you are guaranteed a personal experience that keeps you informed throughout. Once your products are installed, we then go through the functionality of them to ensure that you are comfortable and fully understand how they work.

We focus on providing the best solutions for affordable prices. Offering stylish and practical products, we recommend only the screens that will optimise your living, ensuring you are aware of the benefits, limitations and alternative options at all times. This allows you to make informed decisions and results in better levels of customer satisfaction.

Call ClearShield for Retractable Screens in Melbourne

Our aim is that our customers are happy with what they buy. Consequently, we aim to supply and install the best products we possibly can. That starts with an assessment on your property where we establish what you need, measure carefully and make suggestions that are practical and achieve your aims. We’ll keep you informed of progress, address any problems without fuss and will deliver exactly the product you want for an affordable price.

We specialise in all security door and window covering products including:

Clearshield aims to benefit both residential and commercial properties in Melbourne and Victoria against all the associated problems of insects. We customise our fly screens according to individual needs while ensuring the fit and minimal aesthetic impact to your property. If you are looking to protect larger openings, the pleated flyscreen can be an option for you as well. For extra security needs, check out our security screen solutions.

Whilst Australian summers can be wonderful with their long, hot days and often uninterrupted sunshine, they can also be a source of frustration. The reason for that is the swarms of flying insects that can invade your property, retractable flyscreens are the perfect solution.

Hot days are made for open doors and windows so that you can move easily between inside and outside areas and so the air can circulate. But this also allows the insects to circulate and that’s something you need to prevent. Read Less