Test Reports

ClearShield Security doors and screens comply with AS 5039 (Product Standard) and have been tested and passed to the following tests as part of AS 5041 (Method of Test Standard).


Repetitive Impact Test pdf

Designed not only to comply to the AS 5041 Australian security doors and security screens standards, the core technology of Clearshield passed the impact test with flying results. Partnered with the Azuma Design Testing Facility NSW, we placed our doors over the 5 impacts of 100 Joules requirements to 50 repetitive impacts at 100 Joules. The strength of Clearshield held up the impact, surpassing the required threshold for 10 times. Our test video can be view from our video gallery to experience the extreme capability of our product. ClearShield has passed this test.


Pull Testpdf

The effects of a pull attack against a security screen door or security screen are simulated by allowing a direct force to be applied to the test specimen via a cable. The forces are applied at different angles and different levels depending upon the force location.ClearShield has passed this test.


Knife Shear Testpdf

Marked as a Class 3 type security door and screen on Australian Standard 5041, Clearshield passed the AS4483 Knife Attack Test with impressive results. Required to withstand three knife shearing without a penetration greater than 150mm, our partners at Azuma Design Testing Facility placed our product to the extreme test with over 60 knife shears on our domestic grade screen. The success accounts to 20 times over the standard requirements, further demonstrating the ability against knife attacks compared to typical mesh products. The test video can be viewed on our video gallery to experience the result with documented proof. ClearShield has passed this test.


Jemmy Test pdf

The effects of a jemmy attack against a security screen door or security screen are simulated by allowing a standardised narrow-bladed lever to be inserted against the locking, fastening and hinging points and a turning force is applied to those points via the lever.
ClearShield has passed this test.


Australian Window Association endorses ClearShield Productspdf

This test puts ClearShield on par with many high performance solar-control glazing systems and shading products! What this means is that ClearShield will allow you to leave your doors and windows open, creating a burglar resistant barrier with optimum visibility and substantially improved Energy Efficiency


Effectively Screens out mosquitoes and other insectspdf

This is a break-through in material strength engineering and has been tested and passed to all relevant Australian standards. Using high grade stainless steel, ClearShield screens are finished in a strong and durable powder coated black finish. A matrix of tiny holes measuring 2.0mm in diameter are stamped through a solid sheet of stainless steel, no mosquitoes will get in through the tiny holes of the screen.


Bushfire Screens pdf

As built with stainless-steel sheet, all Clearshield products are approved under Bushfire Standard AS3959 for bushfire areas. Our emergency exit screens can be used as bushfire screens as well to protect the entire window against security threats while allowing instant escapes in case of an emergency. Our bushfire shutters comply with part 3.7 of AS3959 (BAL-40) as an affordable and subtle alternative to conventional roll-down fire shutters.