If you are a constructor or an architect known for the most updated and contemporary designs in Melbourne then make sure you place window coverings order with us at ClearShield – because we can provide you the latest and greatest blinds for windows! Catering to all sizes, designs, and styles requirements, ClearShield can deliver superior quality on all panel glide blinds Melbourne, for commercial and domestic usage.

Why choose ClearSheild Panel Glide Blinds For Your Melbourne Premises?

When you love the idea of having vertical blinds but want a little something more that can make the window truly stand out then panel glide blinds Melbourne would be a perfect choice for you. Panel glide blinds are vertical blinds with a modern touch that makes them look highly sophisticated, elegant, and luxurious. They bring warmth and a sense of richness to any room they are installed in.

Panel glide blinds are full-length blinds with large and wide panels. These panels are ideal for large windows or when you want to give a lengthy and flowing effect to your walls that hold windows. They open up by stacking the panels on one side, allowing users to control the extent to which they desire sunlight and heat to enter rooms; so basically users can open them quarter way, half-way or fully.

Panel Glide Blinds Application Ideas

These blinds look great in bedrooms and living rooms. If you are building a home that overlooks a beautiful patio and a back garden, with sliding glass windows, then panel glide blinds will look absolutely amazing and add exquisiteness to the overall beauty of the room. They can be pulled back halfway to reveal the beautiful outside view while covering the remaining part of the window or wall.

Panel Glide Blinds with Melbourne Style

Such a style of blinds can also make bedrooms look fabulous and luxurious, enhancing the living standard of the residents. They can be colour coordinated with the room décor or can be made in a complementary colour so that the room looks trendy and fashionable. Their long length creates a beautiful and romantic effect in bedrooms, creating an aura of completeness.

ClearShield can provide you blindsusing the fabric of your choice. Making this selection is a critical component of the blind because the choice of fabric can further enhance the beauty of your panel glide blinds. For example, silk blinds look smashing – they make a completely different impact as compared to aluminium blinds or blinds made from any other synthetic material.

Different panel widths also create varying impacts. Greater widths create more visual impact and variation from the typical vertical blind style. Blinds with wide panels require lesser number of panels to cover windows. The choice is purely yours however; we can provide you blinds as per your preferences and desire.

So make sure you browse through our range of contemporary panel glide blinds and place your order with us at ClearShield today!