Are you building a new home or having renovations underway at your property? It is an opportunity for you to get everything right so make sure you pay special attention to how you are covering up your windows. Welcome to ClearShield, your one-stop destination for getting access to all kinds of doors and windows solutions.

Roman blinds have long been a hot favourite amongst people, who wanted blinds for their homes or offices. A roman blind is made from fabric that when pulled open, draws up into pleats. Roman blinds are fairly simple to operate and offer themselves to be graceful window covering solutions. ClearShield makes sure that the highest Australian quality standards are followed for provision of your blinds so you can rely on us to do a good job consistently.

As an interior designer, you would love to work with roman blinds because they can be made from a variety of fabric styles, designs and patterns as well as colours. If your client has an upbeat personality, you can place an order for brightly coloured blinds that will make rooms look bright and cheery. If you are doing interior designing for a business place or an office, you can go for soberly coloured blinds that look elegant and professional.

As far as fabric materials are concerned, roman blinds can be made using silk, cotton and other synthetic materials. Silk roman blinds are super luxurious and create a rich and contemporary aura in the rooms they are placed in. By adding some ornaments and other high-class fixtures to these, ClearShield can make exquisite roman blinds that would become the centre of attention in the rooms they are installed in!

We can build roman blinds for you in varying styles and designs. We can build flat roman blinds, blinds in which the pleats lie flat when the blind is closed. If this style is too simple for you and you want something extra, we will manufacture hobble roman blinds for you. In such kinds of blinds, extra fabric is used so that the pleats overlap each other when the blind is closed. The hobble blind looks highly sophisticated and gives a soft and warm effect to rooms they are installed in. These also provide extra insulation and are better at keeping the heat and sunlight outside during hot summers.

If you want extra insulation, we can also provide lining behind the roman blinds for extra protection against sunlight and heat. All these features of roman blinds can be completely customized as per your requirements. You can get different kinds of roman blinds built by us for each of your project so it becomes unique and valuable.

If you want any guidance with the design and style of your roman blinds, we will be happy to offer our expertise to you. So give us a call today at ClearShield!