Minimalist Security Screens for Every Home

Made from a single sheet of stainless steel, the Clearshield security solution protects your property with immense strength while minimising the impact of aesthetic to the gorgeous design. Innovated in Perth, Clearshield Victoria customises Clearshield products for Melbourne and Victoria at our unique facility for windows of every size.

Our security screens follow the excellence of Clearshield security doors in safeguarding valuables, friends and families in the property. The security performance of the screens passed all relevant Australian Standard in flying colours. Abiding to all relevant Australian Standards, the screens from Clearshield Victoria are able to withstand 20 times more knife shears and 10 times more impacts from the standard.

Security screens for all purposes

Other than general window protection to protect your property, Clearshield offers other variants for different environments and use cases. Our emergency exit screen windows protect your property while providing a chance to escape in unlikely cases of emergency. Our bushfire screens and fire attenuation screens are rated at BAL 40 (Bushfire Attack Level) for most bushfire resistance needs. Pool fencing and balustrade screens can also be made with Clearshield as well.

Clearshield security screens also act as insect barriers while reducing solar heat and UV entering into the house, all while maintaining the see-through visibility of the window and the natural airflow.

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