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Fortunate to be the recipient of a Clearshield security door in an event draw. The team at Clearshield have been professional, efficient and friendly to deal with.  The quality in the Clearshield security door is apparent with three locking latches top, bottom and middle.  The perforated metal security screen provides a smooth flat surface which allows visibility as well as high degree of security.  A much better material for a security door than a mesh which can be penetrated.  As a security door it looks great.

            Bridget Puszka, BP Architects

Our door/windscreen was installed today and we are rapt. Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved and for the speedy delivery and always prompt responses. Well Done and thank you.

            Theo & Nicky, Chirnside Park

Prior to installation of Clearshield on all external windows and doors Richardson Primary School had a high number of windows that were broken through vandalism each year. In any one year our window replacement bill would amount to between $10,000-$18,000.

The ACT Department of Education realised that due to the continual amount of vandalism on our windows and doors it would cover the cost of installing all external windows and doors with Clearshield. As a result of the Clearshield installation there have been no windows broken at the school. We are very happy with this result and would recommend the use of this product.

             Doreen Hand,  Richardson Primary School