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We hold the experience and expertise to fulfil all window-covering requirements for domestic as well as commercial purposes. We follow the highest quality standards to the dot so each of our products reflects true quality and finesse.

Vertical blinds have panels or strips lined up in vertical direction. These can be opened at various distances depending upon the amount of light and air you want to enter in the rooms. They effectively block the sunlight and the heat when completely closed and can be opened up slightly when you want a small amount of light, air, or heat to enter the rooms. This way they help in effectively controlling the room temperature and ventilation.

Vertical Blind’s Versatility 

Vertical blinds are commonly favoured by a number of our clients who require them for various purposes – including for the projects they are designing for construction and for renovation purposes. Vertical blinds accurately cover different styles of windows, including Victorian, French, Colonial, etc. and can cover up windows with single and dual swinging doors as well as those with sliding doors.

Vertical blinds give a nice fall effect when they are closed and create a warm and inviting aura when they are open. They look chic and can give an overall sophisticated look to the room they are installed in. Therefore, they are cost effective solutions for covering up windows with style and panache, giving some character to the entire room.

How to Clean Vertical Blinds 

Vertical blinds are easy to clean and maintain. With proper maintenance, they will continue to hold their proper shape and their newness for many years to come. Vertical blinds can easily be cleaned using a dusting spray and a duster. Spray some dusting spray on the panels and then run down the duster through their lengths to clean them up. You can apply dusting spray again if required and then repeat running down the duster over its length. In case your blinds have gotten exceptionally dirty, you can run a vacuum cleaner along its length as well before cleaning them up with the spray.

Each component of your vertical blind is built with precision following the exact specifications as provided. ClearShield provides top quality consistently so that you can rely on us to deliver exactly as per your expectations! The operating mechanism of each blind is built to provide easy and reliable operation. We maintain our commitment to quality until the final touches are executed.

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