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Looking for Security Screen Doors in Melbourne? Here are Some Things to Consider

We all like to feel comfortable and safe in our neighbourhoods. However, even the quietest of areas have the possibility of criminal activity, which is why security screen doors in Melbourne are always in demand. But not all security doors are made equal, and we should have a proper understanding of what is on the market before choosing.

Here are a few things to consider as you explore what security screen doors are available.

Are Security Screen Doors Worth It?

The first thing you may ask is: will there be any return of investment if you buy security doors and screens in Melbourne Victoria?

We’ll move onto financial benefits in a moment, but the first and most immediate benefits are as follows:

Deter intrusion – One of the best ways of ensuring your home isn’t targeted for criminal activity is to show that you take your security seriously. Having a well-built security door displays your commitment to keeping your property safe.

Security doors prevent intrusion

For those who do try to breach your security, a well-built, tamper-proof door is your first line of defence.

Security doors help to cool your house

Many doors are also treated to minimise heat from the sun’s radiation.

Security Screen Doors can provide Fire Resistance

With wildfires becoming an increasing issue for many Australians, all security door manufacturers endeavour to make their products fire-resistant.

Does a Security Door Add Value to Your House?

You may visualise a security door as a bulky, ugly appendage which will ruin the facade of your building. But most manufacturers know the importance of aesthetic as well as sturdiness, and in amongst our products, you will find some very attractive options.

An immediate benefit of a security door installation is the insurance costs of your home. Insurers love to see appropriate security measures being taken and might lower your home insurance rates.

When it comes to selling your home, if you gave good quality, well-maintained security doors installed, it can boost buyer confidence substantially.

How Much is a Security Screen Door?

With other brands, the price of the door is not the only costs you should consider. Other factors affect the costs of installing security screens in Melbourne which can eat up the money you might save in buying a cheap one. These include:

Labour costs

ot every company will install your door for free, and if the building has particular issues, the costs of installation might increase.


Costs can mount significantly if your door needs to be replaced often due to:

  • Repeated knife attacks
  • Weather damage
  • Overuse or misuse.

Legacy Costs

A poorly installed door might well have end causing damage to your frame or building.

What is the Difference Between Crimsafe and Invisi Gard Compared to Clearshield?

Two of the most well-known brands of security door providers have different approaches to manufacture and service.

Crimsafe builds its security doors with a stainless steel woven mesh, and Invisi-Gard uses both a stainless steel woven wire mesh and perforated aluminium sheet. However, both of these methods have issues. While stainless steel wire is great for a short time, it only takes a more heavy-duty instrument to either cut or break, which can also leave sharp, frayed edges. Aluminium sheet is excellent at turning a blade but does not take extreme impact well.

At Clearshield, we use a patented stainless steel perforated sheet design when manufacturing security screen doors. Along with this well-tested, highly durable material, we use an anti-break-in mechanism which hooks onto the frame. This significantly reduces the potential for tampering or damage, which compromises its effectiveness. We offer a 15-year warranty as standard together with a comprehensive aftercare service to help protect your investment.

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