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Security Doors: What You Should Be Looking For

Thankfully, these days security doors can be made to look stylish and elegant. But does that mean they are still secure? Does it mean they are more expensive? And of all the brands available, what should you to be looking out for when shopping around? If you’ve got questions about security doors in Melbourne read on.

How Much is a Security Door?

The price of our security doors in Melbourne reflect the toughness and security we guarantee.

But, if you are looking at other brands, your considerations when it comes to the costs involved should be broader than just the unit pricing. You should also consider:

Durability of your Security Door

Consider how rough the weather can be in some places, the wildlife behaviour, or the amount of use your door will have. If the door is made from sub-standard materials, whatever savings you made in the price will be swallowed up if it isn’t durable.

Additional door fittings for your security door

You can spend a significant amount on a security door, but if the fittings are easily compromised, it really doesn’t matter how sturdy it is.

Repeated attacks – Some security doors are like bike helmets, in that if they are attacked once, they may well be compromised for future attacks.

It is possible to be both cost-effective and cover all of these bases.

How much does a Crimsafe door cost?

Crimsafe doors are a similar price to Clearshield, however, that is just for the door itself. There are a few other costs to be considered when ordering a door. These include:

  • Installation costs – This includes site assessment, delivery, preparing your door frame, and installing your door.
  • Maintenance costs – such as any after installation issues, cleaning needs, or after care.
  • Replacement – The materials used with Crimsafe’s products can mean that they will need replacing over time.

What is the difference between Crimsafe and Invisi Gard?

Another brand of steel security doors in Melbourne is Invisi Gard. It is worth taking the above considerations with this brand too. Where Crimsafe uses a stainless steel woven wire mesh, Invisi-gard uses a combination of both stainless steel woven wire and perforated aluminium sheets.

While both materials have their benefits, there are some drawbacks as well. These are:

Cleaning of your security door

Any kind of woven mesh, stainless steel or not, is going to have some issues with cleaning. Splashes, mud, or bugs can all get trapped in the mesh and make your porch unsightly as well as unhygienic.

Impact on a security door

While it can be easily moulded, aluminium is not known for its sturdiness, and repeated impact can be detrimental to security

Knife attacks on a security door

A steel wire mesh is only useful against knives that are made out of less robust materials. A repeated knife attack might well cause fraying to the mesh, so even if the attack is unsuccessful, you may find dangerous edges in the mesh.

What is the best steel security door?

Our offer takes doors, fittings, materials and service up to another level.

First of all, we made sure to get the material element right. We use a patented stainless steel perforated sheet, a design that is unique to our brand. It is a superior creation, reliably defending against repeated impact and knife attacks.

Secondly, we’ve ensured our locking mechanisms are tamper-proof as well. We use a patented anti-break-in mechanism so that the sheet is hooked into the frame, which massively reduces the chances of ‘jemmying’ or extreme impact.

But best of all, we offer a truly bespoke service, so that your requirements are absolutely met. Plus, our designs come with a 15-year warranty and superb after-sale care service!

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