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Security Screens and Fire Safety

Bal Fire Screen

The main purpose of a security screen is to protect your home or business by keeping intruders out. However, it also has other benefits that you can take advantage of with the right choice of screens.

Many areas of Australia are prone to bushfires and these can sometimes be severe and a major threat. It’s essential, therefore, that you consider fire safety as well as security when choosing and installing your screens.

Choosing and Installing the Correct Screens

Security screens should not be confused with flyscreens or safety screens. These latter two will help to keep out insects and other pests as well as preventing accidents such as children falling from windows. However, they can be relatively flimsy and will not be good for much else; they certainly won’t deter intruders who can break through them easily.

Security screens will do everything that flyscreens and safety screens can do and much more besides. They will additionally protect properties against intruders, which is their main purpose, and can also help to guard against bushfires that threaten properties. These additional features are available because fire rated security screens are made from high-grade stainless steel that is perforated to let in air and natural light.

When choosing and installing security screens, if you are concerned about fire safety, there are two questions you need to ask:

  • Will the screens help to prevent fire from entering the property?
  • Are the screens likely to obstruct my escape if there is a fire?

The latter can be a real concern because security screens Melbourne residents trust are intended to prevent people from getting in, with high grade and robust materials combined with tamper-proof fixings, whereas people trapped in a property by a fire need to be able to escape quickly. But if you choose the right screens and install them properly, they’ll certainly be effective against fires and will not obstruct your escape. In terms of fire safety, they’ll protect against attacks from arsonists and will also guard against sparks and embers from external fires entering your property.

Designed for Security and Fire Safety

All our fire rated window screens for Melbourne homes are made from high-grade stainless steel so are resistant to flames and are not flammable. The perforations can be small enough to prevent embers from getting through, so they’re approved for use in bushfire areas. As an added bonus, these small perforations will deny access to even the tiniest pests but will allow cool air and natural light to penetrate and won’t obstruct views from the property.

If you’re worried about safely exiting the property in the event of a fire, you need to have your escape route planned out in advance. That may mean ensuring all security screens can be easily opened from the inside or, to maximise security and minimise cost, having a mixture of fixed and opening screens.

Using our retractable screens for security, you can be assured of maximum protection against intruders combined with a high level of fire safety. They comply with all relevant Australian standards in respect of security and fire safety so you can be sure they won’t let you down. They don’t corrode, have long warranties, look great and don’t obstruct light or air. But the main thing is, they’ll keep you safe from all known threats.

Depending on the level of protection you need, we can provide screens that are perfect for you. They’re all custom made so will fit exactly, with no gaps where crowbars can be inserted or movement that can cause annoying rattles, and so will ensure you’re not at risk. So for peace of mind when faced with intruders or fires, choose and fit the best.

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