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What are Security Screens made of?

Standards Security Sliding Doors

Empty buildings are frequently attacked by vandals and arsonists, causing mess and damage that’s costly to put right. Even business properties that are occupied during the day may be unused during the night and so are prone to intruders, while residential properties are also at greatest risk at night. It’s crucial, therefore, that you take effective measures to protect your property.

Taking the right type of action is the challenge. There are plenty of security screens available of varying types but they don’t all have the same level of effectiveness and practicality. Choosing the right ones, made from the best materials, will be the difference between protecting your property from intruders properly and having deficient defences that can be easily breached.

Choosing the Most Effective Material for Security Screens

Security screens can be provided as rough wooden boards to cover unused windows, as perspex sheets, metal bars or steel grilles. Some of these don’t work very well in that they’re not very effective at deterring intruders. Others are just plain ugly and you wouldn’t want them on a building that’s in use or even on an unoccupied one where you’re looking to attract a buyer or a tenant.

The best material for security screen doors in Melbourne is undoubtedly perforated stainless steel that is supplied in sheets that are cut to the right size and fixed securely to windows and other openings. This provides many benefits:

  • The screens are unobtrusive when viewed from a distance but provide a visible deterrent when seen from close up.
  • Sheets can be aluminium coated in a variety of colours so they fit in with existing décor.
  • The screens are extremely durable and will continue to look good and be effective for many years.
  • Anti-tamper security fixings ensure the screens are firmly attached and cannot be easily removed.
  • The material is resistant to hacksaws, crowbars, rocks and most other things apart from really heavy-duty equipment.
  • Any attacks on the security screens in Melbourne, Victoria will prevent or keep to an absolute minimum any damage to the windows and doors that are behind them.
  • Perforations can be varying designs and sizes, allowing in natural light and enabling visibility that is largely unrestricted. There are no unsightly bars or other barriers that restrict views.
  • The grilles will protect against arson attacks as well as embers from bushfires that can cause property damage.
  • Windows and doors can be used in the normal way by those with the necessary authority.
  • All materials are durable and long-lasting, with no corrosion and a lack of rattling and movement due to secure fixings.

Truly Effective Security Screens

It’s obviously true that no barrier will be 100% effective against the most committed intruder. With the right equipment and enough time and effort, an intruder will eventually get through anything. However, most intruders don’t have that equipment and won’t waste their time on effective security. So our security screens doors installed in Melbourne will deter nearly all potential intruders; most don’t even attempt to get through them.

Effective security screens, made from high-quality stainless steel, will protect your property from attack. They’ll significantly reduce the risk of theft, damage and fire, and by doing so will often allow insurance premiums to be reduced. They can, therefore, save a lot of money in the long term as well as giving peace of mind.

The security screens we supply in Melbourne are available in different thicknesses, have varying hole sizes and patterns, are made from high-grade steel and are available in the shape, size and colour that you need. Consequently, you can be sure that they’ll fit properly, look great and provide the high level of security that you need.

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