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Things to Consider When Buying Fly Screens in Melbourne

Standard Sliding Flyscreen Doors

Australia is well known for its beautiful climate. However, there are costs to having fantastic weather as you’ll know if you step on your porch as the evening closes in. Bugs and insects can be annoying, unhygienic, and dangerous in some cases (especially if they attract bigger, nastier forms of wildlife). For a lot of homeowners, ensuring that homes remain insect-free can take up significant financial resources.

One of the best ways to keep your home insect-free is to install good quality fly screens from Melbourne’s finest screen supplier.

How Much do Fly Screens Cost in Melbourne?

With other brands, there are also other costs to bear in mind when shopping around for fly screens. You should consider:

  • Installation costs
  • How many you need
  • Where they will be located
  • The size of each screen or door

With some manufacturers, these will all be separate costs, and you will need to budget for each of them. Thankfully, there are those of us who combine all of this into one service.

What is the Best Fly Screen?

Flyscreens have not always looked particularly attractive. But many innovations have been made in screen door designs over the years, and you may have more options than you previously thought.

For instance, when you assess your property for a new installation, you should look at:

Visibility – How much you want the screen to be visible or invisible, colours and size.

Effective – You will want to be sure, of course, that the screen keeps the bugs out.

Practicality – You should keep in mind things like how often the door will be used, and the style of the door the screen will be covering. It would help to think about airflow and light admission.

In terms of style, there are three main categories of fly screen. These are:

Retractable fly screens – These immensely versatile screens allow you to retract the screen when it isn’t required.

Hinged fly screens – Probably one of the most well-known types of screen door, these work like a simple shutter.

Pleated fly screens – these are useful for very wide openings or semi-outdoor use and stack very neatly away when you don’t need them.

Sliding fly screens – these are popular fly screens in Melbourne eastern suburbs and elsewhere across the city and are used in conjunction with sliding windows or doors. You will often find them on patio doors or windows that allow air into the home.

How Much is a Fly Screen Door?

We offer an extensive range of sliding fly screen doors which can be used with many different openings. These include patio doors and windows as well. When we work with you to create pest-proof protection, we will look at the architecture of your home and see which works best and sits comfortably in the structure.

We will also strive to find ways to make the installation of the screen doors cost-effective and straight forward.

Why Should I Choose Clearshield?

With twenty years of experience of manufacturing and installing fly screens, we know the value of a reasonably priced service. We know that cutting costs in production to squeeze out a little more profit does not guarantee a great product.

A good security door is only as good as the company it comes from. Therefore, ClearShield Victoria is proud to protect your home or business with our quality products. We offer the innovative security product from Clearshield Victoria to protect your home while not harming the aesthetics of it.

For windows, we have retractable flyscreens, window security bars and fire attenuation screens to suit. For doors, we have security front doors, steel doors, and fly screen doors and so much more. We also protect your property against insects and sunshine with our fly screens, outdoor blinds and roller blinds.

Since 1999, we’ve helped Melbourne residents and businesses protect their premises with beautiful, durable and secure doors.

So whilst we offer a fair price, we also offer a bespoke service, and will always work with you towards a solution. Best of all, we will design your screen door to blend in with the overall aesthetic of your home without sacrificing functionality.

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