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Security Window Maintenance Tips/Guide

So you’ve installed Security Windows, fantastic! Now the question becomes how to keep them looking and working at their best for as long as possible. Well one way to get the most out of your security windows is to keep up with maintenance. So we’ve put together a number of tips and tricks as well as just general know-how so you can feel like a pro.


Naturally the upkeep on your windows will change a bit depending on where your situated, Those with coastal properties will need to clean their screens more frequently to account for salty ocean air, to help prevent rusting on their windows, while those in more suburbian areas wont need to clean quite as frequently.

Specifically its recommended coastal properties wash their windows approximately every 2-4 weeks, for homes in more urban areas that goes down to once every 3 months, and the lowest maintenance at 6 months between cleanings is houses remote and away from both shorelines and industrial areas.


No need to panic in any situation though, as cleaning your windows is super easy, made even more so if you keep that cleaning up regularly. It’s really as simple as:

  1. Wetting a microfibre cloth or something similar with a mild detergent and wiping down the windows.
  2. Repeating that with clean water.
  3. Then drying them with a clean dry cloth.

Of course life keeps us all busy and sometimes maintenance is the last thing on our minds. If left long enough dirt and grime can build up, but that’s fixable with a deeper clean. This build up happens because the screens are keeping that dirt and dust out of your house working similar to a filter. It’s a very similar process to the usual clean, but starting with a soft brush to scrub off the worst of the build up can make things easier. Deeper cleaning does take longer and means multiple rotations of detergent and clean water, and its important to wash out your cleaning rag through out to ensure you are removing the build up. Once your screen is looking back up to standards wipe its down with a dry rag same as before.

It is worth noting that, as your using much more water, to try and not flood out any locking mechanisms as the water can get trapped inside and cause issues with the mechanisms. 

Cleaning is important for a number of reasons. Air Flow into your house can be effected if theres too much dirt reducing the size of the gaps in the mesh. That build up can also deteriorate the coating if left for long enough especially salt on ocean properties, and dirt getting into the gaps around the edges can make them harder to open which could be an issue in case of an emergency.

Other Maintainence

Most other maintenance is just checking over the moving parts of your windows, checking any screws and rivets are still secure, even just a look over while cleaning is more than enough.

Removing the screens or opening them depending on the style you chose and cleaning out and trims, tracks and sills ensures that everything opens and closes smoothly and that trapped dirt isnt effecting any coatings. Once again a microfibre cloth is the ideal choice, wrapping the cloth over a screwdriver or something similar can make it easier to get into the gaps. 

Your hardware should also be cleaned like the rest of the windows, things like handles are just as prone to build up, but keep in mind to not use too much water, ringing out most of it before wiping things down and then drying with a clean cloth.

If any locks or handles feel a little rough after some time, a light spray of silicon based lubricant can get them back to day 1 standards. You don’t need to use much, you’re just putting in a little bit to ease the friction on internal mechanisms.

Is that all?

Yep, Maintenance doesnt have to be difficult, it’s really about putting a little bit of effort regularly to avoid big hassles later, saving you headaches down the line by taking care of things now.

Proper maintenance means you get the most out of the windows you have and can even protect your warranty. These tricks also work with security doors and the like, to keep your whole house in its best shape. We believe in our products at Clearshield, maintenance simply allows you to keep them at their best for many years to come.

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